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Hey, I saw you fan art of link (which is amazing by the way) and saw the crossed out bit. Link is actually left handed so the left handed guitar would make sense in case you were worried about that :)

Hey! First off, thank you for the compliment and concern haha. Correct me if I’m wrong, but as a right-handed cellist myself I was under the impression that the left hand would go on the finger board. Are guitars any different? o.o

Guitar hero Link, ‘cause the Hyrule Warriors OST is my jam. 

Yeah, I’d like to know what the heck he’s wearing as well.

and let’s momentarily pretend that he’s ambidextrous afjsdgjkl 

Lineart is such a pain in the butt, but the subject matter makes it more tolerable.

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oh wow you have such nice art i ; o ; !!

Oh wow you’re such a nice anon! Thank you, but I hope to improve more!! >.<

The more I pick at this, the more dissatisfied I get. I give up. ಥ_ಥ

Took a brief break from a wip by coloring this old lineart…but ended up getting a bit carried away e.e

lame backgrounds + poses ftw \o/


Hey! You’re the first to ask for art help and it actually makes me quite flattered. ;A; I only started developing this style for coloring hair (and basically everything else) recently and slowly got to it through observation, so if I don’t make much sense please bear with me…

It’s basically very similar to other tutorials that can be easily found on DA. This utilizes Paint Tool SAI and assumes that you’re somewhat familiar with the program. Hope it helps…?


1) Fill in the base color and lightly shade with a darker color using an airbrush.


2) Use a regular brush and line out where the shadows should be. Pay attention to the light source.


3) Turn on the fringe effect. Then, using oil water + transparent color (the small box beside primary/secondary selected colors), start spreading the shadows from step 2. Give it volume I guess?


4) Lock the shadow layer and airbrush darker parts with an even darker color.


5) Time for finishing touches! Color the lineart to make it look more natural and not too bold (like my untouched harp right there haha). Add some subtle highlights with the pen tool, then take the skin color and lightly airbrush it onto the bangs to show reflection of color I guess. The final (optional) step is to adjust hue and saturation (go under Filters) if the colors aren’t very accurate. 

I’m definitely no professional, but this is how I go by with most of my coloring ._.

Struggling through this wip over here since I don’t draw girls very often…orz

I’ll use this as a status update as well I guess. I made a personal blog that you can check out if you’re interested~

And thanks for 50+ followers!! It truly means a lot :)


WiiU Link by Mary Marhta

Original artist here. The fact that this has been reposted makes me feel irritated yet giddy at the same time. =___=

Just tentatively presenting my awkward, inaccurate rendition of ponytail Link, who’s the cause of confusion, headcanons, and blood loss from nosebleeds since E3 2014.